This award winning Microcirculation Therapy system was originally developed in cooperation with NASA to offer the ultimate in preventative medicine for your cellular health and well being. The Bemer utilizes a patented technology called Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field sequencing to deliver its unique signal to your entire body.  This signal precisely mimics our Earth’s natural electro-magnetic field frequency. As it penetrates the entire body, there is an activation that shows up at the cellular level, enhancing circulation and encouraging micro-circulation in the tiniest capillaries; every single cell receives its optimal oxygen supply and nutrients, as well as achieves its proper waste removal. 

We all know that good blood circulation is key to maintaining the body’s health and its ability to prevent illness, as well as to promote healing in the regeneration process. Are you aware that you have over 75,000 miles of capillaries in your precious body?  And the rampant condition today, known as inflammation, is a direct result of insufficient oxygen to the cells. In fact, it is thought to be the root cause of most illnesses today. The Bemer effectively activates your body’s self healing mechanism, easily and painlessly and also has a very calming effect on the nervous system. To name a few health challenges that have shown real improvement with regular use: insomnia, improved cardiac function, stress reduction, pain relief, and increased mental acuity.

The Bemer is safe, easy to use, and appropriate for almost everyone, even animals!  Originally invented in Germany, it has been used successfully in Europe for over 20 years and extends to use in over 48 countries today.  You will find it offered more and more in the USA by medical practices and clinics for preventative purposes and as a supplement to other wellness treatments.  In sports, it is widely used to accelerate the regenerative process for athletes.  Although occasional treatments are indeed helpful, you can realize the Bemer’s greatest benefits with daily home use. Ask about getting yours today!

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 8-20 min | $25-45

*first session is complimentary when combined with another service!