bt-accent® LED Technology for the Skin


Red/Purple Light Therapy
20-30 Minutes | $50

Blue Light Therapy
15-20 Minutes | $30

LED (Light Emitting Diode) technology was originally invented by NASA to aid in the wound healing process for astronauts in space.  This relaxing system utilizes various high-energy, different colored, non-UV light beams which penetrate the skin to target specific results.  Each color of LED supports different skin types and addresses specific concerns, ranging from dehydration and fine lines/wrinkles to blemish control.  Experience the wow factor of LED with visibly smoother, clearer, calmer, and visibly plumper skin.  Go for that unmistakable glow!  

Red Light is used to target fine line/wrinkle reduction by stimulating circulation, ATP and collagen production.  The Red Light incorporates the HD Gel Face and Neck Masque along with the Chromatic Serum to realize phenomenal hydration.  This is absolutely one of our most popular enhancements as you can look literally years younger post treatment.

Blue Light primarily works to fight breakouts due to its anti-bacterial properties.  It is also used to detoxify and reduce inflammation.

Purple Light, a combination of Red and Blue, is used for its for rejuvenation and detoxification effects, as detailed above. It also incorporates the HD Gel Masque.