This experience is Tracy at her best, working her magic. By combining her skincare expertise along with her energy healing, this treatment truly renews and uplifts, skin-to-soul.

Magic Hands Facial


90 Minutes | $300
First Time Offer | $250

4 Treatments | $1200
*your 5th is free!

A cleansing and healing of the soul as well as the skin and pores!  This unique holistic treatment's purpose is to balance the energy field of the body as well as fully pamper and treat the skin.  Incorporating all of the luscious elements of the classic customized facial, along with reflexology, this treatment also features powerful chakra energy cleansing work and Reiki.

Energy imbalances in your biofield/aura will be gently addressed and dissolved, bringing you back to peaceful balance.  Healing crystals, the pendulum, aromatherapy, and LED light are also incorporated to enhance the entire experience.  You may enjoy choosing a tarot card as a closing inspiration! Feel confident that you will emerge with a beautiful sense of being "'made new," lighter and brighter, and glowing from the inside out, as well as the outside in.