It’s time to wake up with beautiful brows again…and throw away that pencil!

Permanent Makeup, also known as Micro-Pigmentation or Cosmetic Tattooing, is the art and science of implanting color into the skin to enhance the beauty of your natural appearance.  Micro-blading, a popular buzz word and trend these days, is also a type of tattoo.  So, what is the difference?  It’s all in the tools and techniques that are used and fundamentally how pigment is deposited into the skin.  Micro-blades are simple, manual tools, in which the blade is dipped in pigment and then pressed quickly into the upper dermis.  This technique creates a single hair stroke effect.  Because a smaller amount of pigment is used, longevity of the micro-blade eyebrow is often shorter than the effect achieved with the more sophisticated digital type of permanent makeup machines.  Micro-blading can also be more painful and traumatizing to the skin due to its “cutting” nature.  For these reasons, Tracy prefers using the state of the art digital technology for her work.

From left: before procedure, 6 weeks HEALED post-procedure, and 12 weeks final procedure

From left: before procedure, 6 weeks HEALED post-procedure, and 12 weeks final procedure

Eyebrows truly do frame your face and a good set of brows can take off ten years!  This is a great service to consider if you suffer from thinning brows due to age, over tweezing, alopecia, cancer, no brows, or ill-defined brows.  Imagine the time you will save in the morning not having to pencil in your brows, not to mention worrying about them smearing off during the day.  You will look your best and no one will even suspect! 


Choosing the right technician is all important when considering Permanent Makeup.  After all, you only have one precious face!  Tracy has over 17 years of experience as a cosmetic tattoo artist and is truly an expert in creating the perfect brows.  From start to finish she collaborates closely with you to make sure you are comfortable and involved, every step of the way.  First, a consultation is necessary to answer all your questions and make sure you are a good candidate for this service.  It is a good idea to arrive with your eyebrows penciled in the way you like them.  

The procedure itself typically involves two sessions.  You can expect the first session to last about two hours.  Brow design is patiently and carefully considered and decided. This step often takes longer than the actual tattooing.  Custom blended colors are chosen to complement your natural brow/hair color.  Topical anesthetic cream is applied before we begin, and medical grade numbing gel is used throughout the procedure. In addition, 100% sterile single use needles and supplies are used.  Tracy prefers doing a very natural looking hair stroke/blended technique which matches and simulates your natural hair growth pattern. The first appointment is more on the conservative side so as to allow you time to get used to your new look.  The second appointment is scheduled for 4-6 weeks later. This is where the “fine tuning” happens, allowing for any adjustments in brow color and shape. Subsequently, color refreshing touch ups will be needed, on average every one to two years.  These appointments typically last about an hour or so.


Proper home care is essential and must be strictly followed during the healing process for color retention.  Keep in mind, immediately after your first session, your color will appear 30% darker as compared to the final, healed appearance.  First stage healing happens within the first 4-7 days, where you should expect some exfoliation. Thereafter, the healed color settles into the skin and sets true in about one month’s time.  You will be given complete after-care instructions. Color refresher touch-up needs will vary, depending on your body’s ability to retain pigment. Please keep in mind that individual factors such as skin type, sun exposure, active skincare products like retinols, your metabolism, and even medications will all affect the longevity of your tattoo.


Eyebrows | $550-650
*includes two appointments

Retouch/Refresher | $300-400
*recommended every 1-2 years

Pricing for permanent makeup and color refresher touch-ups depends on the extent of needed work.

Client Praise

“Tracy is a talented artist and created a new set of beautiful brows for me…

Unfortunately I did not have a definite natural eyebrow line to follow when I applied my pencil. Being blonde and fair, penciling darker lines never came out the same no matter how hard I tried. Tracy has saved me countless minutes with my makeup routine. I now have the best eyebrows EVER and couldn’t be happier with the results.”

— Patricia