Recalibrate and upgrade your luminous energy field. A graduate of The Four Winds Shamanic Energy Medicine training in Chile, Tracy invites you to honor your heart, your spirit, and your highest destiny.


Simply put, it is the oldest known form of healing on Earth, still practiced widely by many indigenous cultures across the globe. All shamans share a basic understanding that the original “root” of dis-ease stems from the invisible realm, or soul level. As humans, we are physical beings as well as energetic beings, each surrounded by our own unique luminous energy field or aura. This invisible field with all of its qualities informs and shapes our overall state of wellness or lack thereof, on all levels (body, mind, and soul). Simply put, Shamanism involves the cleansing and charging of this energy field. As a powerful healing modality in today’s modern world, Shamanism is increasingly on the rise as people search for more holistic answers and pathways to wellness. Tracy is an old soul and has been offering her intuitive gifts as a light worker for decades.


Awareness and initiation of your healing process begins upon scheduling your time as Tracy attunes to your unique energy field. The Illumination treatment itself begins with a sage smudge, invoking sacred space as we transition into the Timeless realm where we will journey together. Any specific intentions/goals you may have will be addressed, as you choose the potent stone allies that call to you. Then, as you lie fully clothed on the healing mat, the energy healing process begins. Tracy surrenders to Spirit, acting as a conduit to amplify radiant divine light which engages your subtle energy body. This experience encourages and enhances optimum wellness in your entire Being, body, mind, and soul. As chakras are cleared and balanced, and disharmonious energies are neutralized, negative patterns and old blockages are encouraged to dissolve.

Some additional aspects of the classic Illumination process might include: soul-retrieval (reclaiming wounded parts of ourselves or extraction work/cord cutting), clearing unwanted presences in the field, or renewed destiny mapping (assisting the realignment of YOU to your truest calling). Sacred objects are also used to enhance the energy work, such as crystals, singing bowls, rattles, and aromatherapy. This experience also involves deep breath work, which naturally elevates the vibration of your auric field by increasing life force or chi. In turn, your overall vitality increases, thus restoring natural wellness. Keep in mind that shamanic work is inherently “unplanned” so as to allow for Spirit’s greatest gifts to show up, integrate, and flow. Being with Tracy as a Shamaness is truly an invitation to honor one’s heart, oneself, and one’s highest destiny; to show up for yourself renewed and shining in your own authentic sovereignty. Practical tips will also be offered to assist you in more fully embodying your Light and Truth, as you re-emerge back into the world. Say “yes” to being the beloved caretaker of your own precious Self and continue to walk in Beauty. Aho!


90-120 min | $250

As the nature of the Illumination treatment is fluid, length of session will vary.


Tracy is an initiate of the Q’ero Shamanic lineage and studied at The Four Winds Light Body School and Retreat Center in Chile. Pictured above is Juan, a renowned and powerful shaman from Peru. At left is our ceremonial space.