“Problems cannot be solved with the same mindset that created them.” — Einstein


Tarot is an ancient system of profound divination that speaks to the soul. Tarot cards are based on archetypal images, which are universally understood symbols that illuminate different aspects of ourselves, natural seasons, and cycles. One of the earliest and most beautiful surviving decks is the Visconti-Sforza, dating back to 15th century Italy, commissioned by the Duke of Milano. Tracy began her Tarot journey as a teenager. In her twenties, she studied the psychic and divination arts with the world-renowned Wiccan Witch, Laurie Cabot, of Salem, Massachusetts. Tracy has enjoyed reading the signs and symbols for over 40 years and has an amazing collection of decks from which she works intuitively.


We begin the reading by listening and attuning ourselves to the sacred sound of the crystal bowls. Then you, as the client, infuse your energy into the chosen deck(s) and identify your cards with eyes closed. Guided by Tracy’s highly intuitive gifts as an oracle, your unique “story” starts to unfold and will be interpreted in colorful detail. This enjoyable and uplifting exchange offers you fresh perspective and inspiration. It can lead to a greater awareness and understanding of your Self, your Soul, and how you navigate your world. It can also provide answers to questions, but perhaps most importantly it offers you the invitation to release old outmoded energies, patterns, and beliefs that are no longer serving you. We will chart a new map that can lead you forward. Always a positive and provocative experience, your accelerated growth and renewal will be encouraged and celebrated in a lovingly supportive way.


60 min | $100

90-120 min | $150

Please understand that as the nature of a reading is unplanned, length of time may vary.