Eyebrows | $30
Eyelashes | $45

Favoring European formulas, Tracy custom blends your perfect color and artfully applies the dye to your brows/eyelashes.  The service is gentle and relaxing. Enjoy your results for up to one month!

Ear Coning


 45 min | $75

This is an ancient Egyptian technique that works to naturally remove excess wax build up in the ear canal and relieve sinus pressure and blockage. Using hollow, unbleached, beeswax dipped cotton “candles,” this treatment can greatly improve your hearing and overall sense of well-being. Ear coning is not for those with ear tubes, perforated ear drums, or artificial ear drums. Your senses will feel cleared and renewed!



Eyebrows | $25-35
Upper Lip | $10

Half Leg | $45
Full Leg | $75

Underarm | $30

We use high quality French wax for sensitive skin. Tracy is a pro when it comes to waxing - quick and easy! Soothing aloe vera is applied after waxing for your comfort.